9th Polo Cup Ascona 2018

We have the great pleasure that we announce that the Polo Cup Ascona event will take place also in 2018, reaching its 9th edition.

The location it will be as always the ex Aerodrome, in collaboration with the Equestrian Competition CSI Ascona.

The event will be held from 13th until 15th July, with important innovations that are going to enrich the successful program of past editions.

The Polo Cup Ascona which has already become a must on the regional sport and cultural panorama, it was strongly wanted by the Polo Marketing SA,

which welcomes you from now and it waits for you in a large number.

Sportspeople, passionates, families and tourists will be able to witness the gripping Polo matches in an esclusive and elegant atmosphere,

an integral part of a suggestive and charming region.